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New Aircraft Press Release

For Immediate Release:

Advanced Aviation Incorporates New Training Aircraft Provides students with state-of-the-art instrumentation and modern flight controls Saint Augustine, Fla. – October 7, 2013 – Advanced Aviation Training Solutions, (AATS) located in St. Augustine, Fla., recently acquired an SIAI Marchetti F-260 that will be incorporated into the school’s syllabus and training programs. The aircraft upgrade was completed in order to provide students with exposure to state-of-the-art glass cockpit instrumentation and modern flight control ergonomics.

The F-260 will increase the exposure to AATS students as they practice and master upset recovery training. The aircraft features a structurally sturdy airframe and is powered by the 260hp Lycoming O-540 engine. It is an extremely capable ab initio trainer whose safety record is second to none.

Craig Fordem, president of Advanced Aviation Training Solutions states, “The F-260 is ideally suited for our established training programs. It gives students exposure to modern controls and glass cockpit instrumentation while permitting complete and safe exposure to all of the stall and upset maneuvering scenarios.”

Advanced Aviation Training Solutions provides state of the art upset recovery training in the United States. The students at AATS are trained to recover aircraft from any given scenario, including the ones that most pilots would say, “aren’t recoverable.” Among some of the students at AATS are the Halcones- Chilean Air Force Aerobatic Demonstration Squadron and Swiss Air, to name a few.

The newly acquired aircraft has been completely refurbished and features a completely new instrument panel, Garmin 500 MFD/PFD driven by Garmin 750 GPS/COM with WASS and Weather and is equipped with side-by-side seating and stick controls. In addition, it has been thoroughly inspected by FAA inspectors and granted approval by both the FAA and Flight Safety International.

The goal for AATS is to provide the finest equipment and instructors to flight training programs and to continuously upgrade an already superior product. AATS is in the process of acquiring a second F-260 that is expected to be available by late November.

Contact: Craig Fordem – 904.825.0203


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